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First time here in a while...

2013-07-25 10:46:42 by Leecario

I had forgotten how awesome Newgrounds is since the last time I was on it. I also forgot that I used to be a complete retard on this site too. Hmm...well, thankfully that's changed.
Sadly still haven't gotten flash yet, but maybe one day I'll start voiceacting. Maybe.
Probably no one even reading this anyway.


2012-03-09 17:54:51 by Leecario

the redesign is...different......oh look, NEW MOODS!!!

The awkward moment...

2012-01-27 09:15:19 by Leecario

when the comment count on my news post says it has one or two more comments than it actually does have

The awkward moment...


2012-01-16 06:46:18 by Leecario

Pretty good game, but hard as fuck.


2011-12-22 15:27:59 by Leecario

Finally got to play arena on dosbox by just downloading a doubleclick-shortcut, but its hard to pleh. ah fuck it, at least i know what its like.
Here's to a hopefully successful playthrough of TES: Arena, and eventually the begginning of Daggerfall.


2011-08-30 17:14:07 by Leecario

im currently working out how to run dosbox games on dosbox. its fuckin horshit, and the walkthroughs are NOT helping. if you can help, send a PM because this is just retarded

Arby N the Chief

2011-07-05 14:54:35 by Leecario

fuckin hilarious shit, comment if you agree

what the hell...

2011-06-23 10:47:23 by Leecario

my last few newsposts have said i have 2 or 6 comments, when I actually only have one...confused? me too


2011-05-22 06:32:26 by Leecario



2011-04-25 07:21:43 by Leecario